Swiss-American in Berlin. Manager. Producer. Tamed Shrew - Nothing reincarnation won't cure.

Alex reps actors, writers and directors, linking international multi-lingual talent from Europe with the US Industry. And vice versa.

Serendipity led Alex to London one fine day in June 2018, where the ‘recovering Bohemian’ was finally reunited with her long lost tribe.

Born in San Francisco to Swiss parents - making her the only American in her family - Alex grew up in Vancouver and Basel, was shipped off to Houston as an exchange student, before returning to graduate in Zurich, adding proper German, French and Latin to her native Schwyz-German and English.

Debuting on stage aged 8, she went on to receive her Fine Arts BA at Zurich University and at H.B. Studio, NY.

After a decade in German Film, TV and The Shakespeare Company Berlin, where she also directed the Shakespeare Kids Berlin in her own translations, she also ran a business as Voice Dialogue Coach and Family Constellation practitioner, as well as receiving a screenwriting diploma at Drehbuch Schule Wolfgang Pfeiffer (Oscar Nominee for 'Children of Nature' in 91).

Back in Hollywood from 2009-2016, she began working as a 2nd AD, producer and continued honing her writing skills at ScreenwritingU.

She joined the Bohemia Family from Friends Connection Agency Berlin.

Alex Surer


White Flowers