Corey Ralston has been involved with entertainment since the age of seven as a child actor in L.A. He then went on to pursue talent management in 2000 and again in 2017. He is currently repping kids and young adults at Bohemia Group.

Corey has a mission to help as many young actors achieve success even if they are not his clients. He founded and runs a resource community for 5000+ parents called Child Actor 101 which has dozens of agents, managers, and casting directors moderating discussions and giving frank free advice to those pursuing a career for their children.

In addition to working as a child actor, in his life he has put in time as an acting coach, headshot photographer, and theater director, giving him 30 years invested in the entertainment industry. His varied and extensive experience in these facets of “the biz” has prepared him to guide and develop young talent.

He still gets his creative rocks off in his spare time when volunteering to coach clients for audtions and a second life in the SMULE SING universe where he dons wigs and costumes, makes music videos and sings showtunes with a brilliant array of talent he has formed community with that span the globe including his performer husband.

Corey Ralston


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