Susan Ferris is CEO of the Bohemia Group, an International Management Group, representing talent across the entertainment landscape, including a number of musicians and acting talent.

A Boston native with a degree in theater and film from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Ferris found herself where many others have feared to tread, in the heart of the entertainment industry: Hollywood. As she learned the landscape, she worked at the Coast Playhouse for the world premieres of “Strange Snow” starring Jean Smart, Brian Kerwin, Dan Blocker, and “Bent” directed by David Marshall Grant.

Learning and honing her skills working at AM Records in Sales Marketing on bands: Soundgarden, The Neville Brothers, Tony Childs, Breath, The Dead Milkmen, Janet Jackson, and Extreme; and as a rock journalist for LA Rock Review and Thrasher, Ferris had developed great connections. It was after writing a piece on a local band that the direction her life changed dramatically. Based on that one article the band asked Ferris to manage them and eventually, Ferris launched her own management company.

The Bohemia Group began in 1992, representing only 3 actors and 2 bands out of a one-room office. During this time Ferris also launched the record label Long Live Crime, adding a second label as well as a music publishing company-all of which she still runs. There are over 20 bands between both labels and at the publishing catalogue that has deals around the world and has approximately 1000 song titles. They also do music supervision for indie films including “The Last Beat” and “Woman On A Train,” among others.

Ferris sat on the inaugural elected board of Merlin (a global board put together with 15 industry professionals from around the world who became the voice for the entire independent music community). She sat on the board for three years, was the only woman elected to the board and the smallest label. Ferris also created a collection of PSA’s that were message driven to discourage people from illegally downloading music - they went viral. Congress, the RIAA and many other groups in D.C. have since used them as a teaching tool. During this time Ferris headed to D.C. to lobby for performer rights meetings with Senators & Congressmen and

During the writer’s strike when many companies were shutting their doors, Ferris began a creative business model for getting clients seen no matter their location and Bohemia began to really expand. Ferris, with her indomitable spirit, hard work, tenacity and an honest desire to do right by her clients, achieved and exceeded her dreams. Now they have offices around the globe, including: Los Angeles, New York, London, Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta and Pittsburgh with even more new locations in the works with Vancouver, Toronto, and Paris.

There are now 17 managers that are part of the Bohemia Group representing more than 500 clients globally, producing films, TV and web series and a book about management by Ferris is also on the horizon.

Susan Ferris

CEO - Manager

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