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Dear actor... 10 commandments of good management

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

1 - Know your clients (keeping you all in check!) 

2 - Understand your clients (knowing what works and what doesn't for them!)

3 - Appreciate your clients (not just for their talent but the odd little things they do that set them apart) 

4 - Know when to let them go (sometimes it just doesn't work and it is not fair to keep them... and that is ok!) 

5 - Stay away from other managers clients (poaching is just a cheap and easy way for you to not work hard) 

6 - Enjoy the journey that you are on with them without always waiting for the other shoe to drop

7 -  Be friendly with your clients - not best friends (at the end of the day you are there to guide

them...not hang out - know and keep your boundaries!) 

8 - keep your problems to yourself or your therapist (your client should not know all your issues - you are there for them.... not the other way around) 

9 - Stay up with the times - you certainly don't need to know all the new lingo... but you better understand what is going on!

10 - Be present and available - so that all your clients can at least feel like the rock stars they are meant to be.  


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