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Dear Actor... here you go again

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

(To quote Dolly Parton….) Here you come again…just when I’ve begun to get myself together….you waltz right in the door…like you did before….pilot season…. here you come again… and here I go…. 

Yup…. It’s here again…that ever elusive pilot season….That thing that no matter what anyone says to you … you still seem to think it is the end all and the be all of life and you still get worked up when you don’t go out.  

Not sure what else I can tell you…I have said it all already….So…this time… I am going to go with… good luck with that….I was very happy that people did not freak out about the mini pilot season we had in November…. Mostly because actors don’t really pay attention…. But just as an FYI…. I think we had 6 tests in October and the start of November (and I am just talking about my company). It was two months of pilots… but because folks were not so wrapped up about it there was not this desperation in the air… my point with all of this…. It is always pilot season - there is always shit going on - you should always be prepared. Moving on….. If you are pitching me…. and you tell me your last film was something huge… with someone huge…and I go to your imdb page and what it says is “girl at party”. “Drunk Guy at club” or “man #4"  this is not going to impress me and honestly makes me look at you like you are crazy.   Oh.. I get that you want to sell yourself… but when you start to oversell yourself you look desperate.  Just do the work… if you are doing extra work that may count for a voucher or a hundred bucks in your pocket.. but it is not an acting job and does not mean anything to me.   If you live in a region where they shoot a lot of stuff and you have a resume full of every show in the region then don’t try and razzle dazzle me with all the things you have on your resume… I am very aware of how things go in regional acting..  put together a great reel… let me see what you have done on these shows…if you live in a region where lots of stuff is shot (like the southeast) I know that 90% of the time you are doing day player stuff… I know that because they are hiring the guest stars out of Los Angeles and New York.   So don’t oversell yourself….just do the work and shine in the results… you will get noticed…  "I want more personal interaction".....this drives me crazy when an actor says this.   What does this even want to come in once a week and powwow?  You want someone to call you every day to check in with you? Or vice verse?  We recently had a client who left because they wanted more....don’t get me wrong....they talked to a manager in this company on a weekly (and sometimes more) basis...and there was a lot of interaction between them.  But they wanted more interaction with more managers in the office.   (Not less with the one they had.....more from others).  Uh when asked if they ever reached out to the other folks they wanted to interact with...the response was no.....they should be reaching out to mean no disrespect (ok...maybe a little....cuz your head is in your ass) when you have a manager (or even an agent) and there is someone who you communicate with on a regular basis....and you are not actually working a lot....and are just getting started....I am going to tell you to check yourself. This is where I say who the hell do you think you are? Even well known and working actors have one or two people they deal with that are their day to day point unless (there is an issue)… they stay with the people in the company who understand them the most and trust that they are communicating with the rest of the company…. If you are just looking to make sure everyone loves you so you can feel good about yourself… get a dog…. Focus on the people who are spending time with you and focus on the work.   Don’t get needy and desperate  it makes you sound like a five year old.  It is a new year…a new opportunity for you to shine…don’t be desperate….don’t highlight your struggle….and keep your head held high and out of your ass.  Every little thing you do should be considered a mini success.  Now go be a rock star.   #GoBeARockStar #BohemiaClientsKickAss #WhatEveryActorShouldKnow



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