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Adréana Robbins

Adréana Robbins is a literary talent manager, author and producer. Joining Bohemia Group in 2018, she represents an international clientele of award-winning screenwriters and filmmakers, working in film and T.V.

Born in the South of France to American parents, (a novelist/producer) and a (casting director), Adréana had a peripatetic and unconventional upbringing. Growing up, she lived for months at sea traveling the Mediterranean coast, was homeschooled and attended international schools. Adréana is multilingual, speaking fluent French and is proficient in Spanish and Italian. She was educated in Los Angeles, Cannes, and Paris, France, studying liberal arts at Marymount College and The American College in Paris. She began her career in entertainment PR, and has worked as an art dealer and in newspaper and magazine publishing. Her first novel, Paris Never Leaves You has been republished in April 2022 by Lume Books.

Returning full circle to the entertainment industry, with Bohemia, she manages literary talent, develops and produces feature films and TV. She believes in the importance and power of storytelling, teamwork (it takes a Bohemia village), and living a creative life. Adréana continues to write and is at work on a memoir. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and rescue dog.

Adréana Robbins
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