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Ron Smith

Ron Smith is a talent management powerhouse at Bohemia Group, an international management firm that recently celebrated its 31st year in the entertainment industry. With offices in Los Angeles, NYC, London, Berlin, Seoul, Singapore, and Karachi, Ron manages a diverse roster of clients who are household names in television, film, and theater. From typical series regulars to heavily recurring actors, Ron represents a select group of developmental clients who are poised to become tomorrow's superstars.

Ron's unique background in the industry sets him apart as a manager. He started his career as an actor and wrote several scripts that were optioned, and produced a number of films before making the switch to talent management. As a self-confessed control freak, Ron takes a hands-on approach with his clients, offering full career guidance to ensure that they achieve their creative and business goals.

Ron's passion for his clients is evident in his approach to management. He keeps his roster intentionally small, typically representing no more than 20 clients. This allows him to devote his undivided attention to each individual, meeting with them on a weekly basis to ensure that their careers are on track. Ron takes pride in being a manager who not only guides his clients to success but also works collaboratively with them to achieve their goals. If you're an actor looking for a manager who will invest in your career with passion and dedication, Ron may be the perfect partner for you.

Ron Smith
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