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Vinny Fiorenza

Vinny is a manager and producer at Bohemia Group in West Hollywood. This is something that he kind of stumbled upon after making his cross country trip to Los Angeles from his hometown of Staten Island, New York in late 2019. Since that time he has made some exciting connections and movements throughout the film, music and entertainment industry as a whole. He has produced his first feature film (Love and Love Not), some short films and a few music videos.

He has found a way to take his New York style and use it over on the West coast. He loves bringing the New York energy to his teams and network that he has partnered with. It is still early in his career and he is very excited for what comes next. He will use his networking skills to help his career and careers of those around him. He loves helping those around him both in his personal and professional life as much as he can.

Vinny has been with Bohemia Group since May of 2021.

Vinny Fiorenza
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