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Dear Actor...It's March Madness

Being an actor can be confusing, when is it the right time to get a manager or agent....when is it the right time to move from who you have hundreds of people whispering in your ear about what you should be doing.....I am guessing a lot of them are lets be clear…  they are not the ones you should be listening to.   I am not sure how else to say it to you…. So let me try thisStop listening to other actors….  we have talked about this before…. everything from talking about money  - cuz you REALLY don’t know all the details….to auditions that people are telling you they go on (or you should be going on) …or just advice in general ….  Unless you are talking to some academy award winning actor who has given a talk on how it worked for them… the bottom line is you each have your own journey.   When an actor is quick to give advice think about this.   Where are they in their career?  When I hear actors give advice… the first thing I do is look them up….and if I see that they have done nothing…..(or nothing of note)  I have to wonder what gives them the right to give advice….if you have been in LA for years… and there is not a lot on your resume… the only advice you should be giving is where to buy the best coffee…or the cheapest shirt…. seriously… sometimes I feel like a broken record… you each have your own path…… if you are truly that enamored with giving advice…. Then quit acting and go be an intern at a management company and learn to do that.   (At which point you will then be telling all your actors to stop listening to other actors… it is a vicious circle) 

Since we are on a stop roll…...Stop pursing your lips in photos!!    I am not sure exactly when this started to be a thing…. I think I can blame a reality star for this… but for god sake…PLEASE PLEASE stop pursing your lips… .first of all… you look like an idiot….. and if it is something you continue to do… I am going to assume that maybe you have a medical condition and this is all your mouth does.   I am not sure why folks think it makes them look sexy - but the sooner we are done with this duck face selfie look the better off we will all be.  In the meantime… if you are taking photos…. And you have the need to look like you are sucking on a lemon wear an elastic band around your wrist and snap it…. That is a much better look and way more realistic! 

STOP BEING LATE…. We have addressed this in the past - it is hands down one of my biggest pet peeves and it’s rude….. and when I hear people say with that sort of cocked head dopey look… “well there was a lot of traffic”.  No longer an excuse…. You live in L.A. you know there is traffic…. You live in NY you know there are traffic issues…I have so much time I allot for meetings… you can’t make that time….then you are wasting my time….don’t get that reputation….it is a diva move.. and you are not a diva!  

So… movement in Hollywood…. This can be a very fluid place…lots of moving parts….But lets be clear about this one…..If an agent has brought you to me… and then you get here and a week later you want to leave your agent….that is not going to happen.   Don’t misunderstand me.  You are my client and I am here for you….but I am going to want to work with the agent in the beginning and see what is happening…. If there is an issue what is it?… and perhaps if something is not going well it could be that it just needed a bigger team.   But if you are signing with me when an agent has introduced us… and you want to leave as soon as you are here…. That says EVERYTHING about how you do business and it does not bode well.  On the same note… if I put you at an agency and your agent says to you hey…. Let me have you meet other managers…..also…. NOT cool…..  hollywood is a small town and you don’t want to be the person who is always looking for a brighter shinier toy.  

now…. This is really something that I can only to speak to for myself…but…if you are sending me a note because you want me to consider managing you… please…. Send me a letter (quick and to the point). And photo (or 2) and your resume -(even your reel if you have one)  ….DON’T send me a note and tell me to google you…. And if you want to include your social media that is fine…. But that should not be the ONLY thing there.   I am seeing this more and more…. And honestly…. How many followers  or likes you have is not the reason I would work with you.  Hopefully as an actor you realize you are so much more than that.  

So lets talk about poaching…. What is it…. In hollywood it is when one manager or agent goes after another manager or agents clients.   It is frowned upon and in hollywood there are a handful of managers and agents who are famous for it.   So… why am I telling you this.   Because as an actor - the more work you do and the more well known you become more and more folks are going to whisper in your ear.   The smoke that they blow will be remarkable and you will wonder how you ever lived with out this rep.   It is usually a great ego boost.  But remember -  if you are with someone you like and things are going really well… Don’t be lulled in to a false sense of euphoria.   Be leery of the folks who come sniffing around after something great has happened.   Low hanging fruit is the easiest to pick.   Don’t be the actor who falls for it…. Be the actor who goes back to your rep and lets them know.   Honestly if you have a rep other reps should not be going after you….. it says very little about them. 

And here is some food for thought…. As fast as they were interested is as fast as they will lose interest if things don’t happen in a timely manner….you are way better than that…..

Ok…. Now go be a rockstar!


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