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dear actor...lets talk about representation

So…  you are lucky enough to have folks to represent you…good for you… that means someone sees something in you that excites them and they think they  can do something for you….don’t screw it up.

lets talk about some things i find fascinating….when i hear an actor say they need to ask permission from their agent to sign with a manager…  (i would imagine it pisses agents off when the shoe is on the other foot)

the decision to take on a manager (or an agent)  is distinctly your own.  we can (and we like to) be a part of the process.  we like to help coordinate who is on the team.   but at no point should we be saying you CAN’T do it….that just makes no sense.   No one (and honestly i don’t care where they work) has that much power over you… or this business.   If an agent or a manager says they will not work with you if you get an agent or a manager –  then walk away…. you want folks who are team players (and when i say team players… i mean on your team!)

using a manager to just get an agent  (or vice versa)  and then leaving once that happens… hey… we know that it is not always forever… we do…. but if you are really just with one rep to get to another….don’t waste my time.   We don’t take signing folks lightly… we put a lot of work into it – we see a bigger picture – we look to put a strategy together.   and if your main goal when signing with a manager is to get an agent….and then move on… don’t stop here…. go do agent showcases…network…. do your own legwork… and when you are really ready for a manager… happy to take a meeting…  NOW…. don’t misunderstand me… we get our clients agents all the time…  but based on a plan that we have put together –  thought out…. and one that we hope works  (they don’t always work….) so we can successfully build a team

taking a meeting with a manager (ok…taking a meeting with me) if you are taking a meeting and i ask you why you want a manager and you say so you can get more auditions….move on…. this is not the place for you.   This is not my job… (don’t misunderstand….this does not mean i am not going to get you out… i will be pitching and submitting as well…. but it is not the only thing we do…. ) and this should not be the reason why you want a manager.   i am always amazed by the actors who leave their managers and when i ask why.. their answer is they didn’t get me out enough…ok… so why not leave your agent… that is their job…. why leave the strategist?

its not a competition – i do not compete with agents… i am not an agent. I don’t expect agents to compete with me….  if you have a manager and an agent and you are going out…. who gives a shit where the appointment comes from…. seriously…. since you have no idea how my office works (and i am guessing you have no real idea how your agents office works….)  what does it matter who got you the appointment…. go in and make us BOTH proud.  but don’t assume that one or the other is doing more work and don’t begrudgingly pay commissions because you think one did more than the other….   it makes you look petty, whiny and JV.

It’s true that the one thing an artist has control over are their reps.   so if things are not going well sometimes in an artists mind the best thing to do is clear the decks…. and sometimes that is the right thing to do… (sometimes)  but before you clear the decks… look at everything….what is NOT working…. are you doing everything you can be doing (be honest)  then if and when you clear the decks and it still does not work…. it’s on you…. it’s sorta like running away… you can run all you want… the problem will still follow you…

having a good team behind you is important….we want you to succeed… when you succeed – we succeed……if you have a team that is working hang on to it… if you are still looking for your team.. be patient….hollywood is not going anywhere….

now go be a rockstar…


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