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dear actor...OMG it's pilot season (but probably not for you so relax)!

Hey...I get need to use it as some sort of guide line....some reason to get your shit excuse to tell all your friends who do not work in this biz why you are so freaked out and full of anxiety right now....

But let’s be honest....chances are you are not going to have a pilot season (at least not the kind you want) so let’s put a few things in perspective!

1 - you don’t get ready for pilot should always be ready...pilots happen all year long so you no longer have an excuse.  

2 - if you are not on a network list then the first couple of months of network pilot season means nothing (if you have to ask if you are on the list...or even funnier how to get on the list). are not on the list.  (The approved, had a show that got cancelled, books a pilot every year, A or B or even sometime a C list actor who has a great film career and is ready to do tv)

3 - Just because you are not going out on pilots does not mean that your reps are not busy as hell.  Network Pilot season for managers and agents is crazy....we have double the work because don’t forget (and folks always forget). It is also still episodic season....we may actually be a bit more high strung than normal.

When I hear folks say that they should move to Los Angeles for pilot season..I say don’t waste your time....if in fact you are going to have a pilot does not matter where you live...everything can be taped.. .now don’t read that much into does not mean you are going to tape for everything....just means you don’t have to pack your bags like the old days....but if you are going to put yourself on prepared for that....make sure that you best way to do it (or find someone in your town who can help). Just because you are not in Los Angeles or New York does not mean your work should be half ass. that you are done freaking out about pilot season....when was the last time you took photos.....oh you have five more pounds to lose....(the same five pounds you were going to lose last time we had the conversation) 

Take the picture.....and....if you lose any weight...take them me fives pounds... not going to make a don’t have to spend thousands of dollars every time you do a photo shoot....but for the love of pete.....stop yer yapping and take some pictures that are NOW....if the last time you took pictures was more than 2 years is time to do it again.....if you still look the same....that is fine.....still do it...keep it fresh....remember it is an acting job....and a lot has happened in the past couple of years….

Where do your appointments come from…. ?  WHO CARES….really… who cares… if you have a team and you are going out it does not matter where your appointment comes from.   I have actors who say to me… I want to leave my agent - they only got me out 2x in the last year….. you guys are getting me all the appointments…. Did it ever occur to you that we are both doing our job but casting can only call one of us.  So they call your manager we send it out (copying your agent so they know it is here).  Don’t assume that your agent had nothing to do with it…. And vice versa… everything is digital now…. So casting is going to give the appointment to the first person there…. In other words… relax.    You should be more concerned if there is NO communication and no one is calling you back.   And no one cares what is happening.  We double team with a lot of agents on projects and I truly truly TRULY don’t give a shit who gets the appointment first…. As long as we are getting them then the rest is up to you! 

Do you know that on three separate occasions in the last month when I called an actor with an appointment I was not able to leave a message…. They had not cleared them so I was not able to let them know anything…. It is true we also email….but call me old fashioned if I am calling you (hey… it could be a booking, a test deal or just a cool appointment) and you are not able to get the message then I have to wonder… why am I wasting my time. 

There are a lot of places to put your headshot and resume for submissions… and in the last couple of months it has gotten even more confusing…. Actors Access, LA Casting & Casting Networks in NY.   These are the three most of us use…. These are the three you should be up on and it should be kept updated.   Again there are no excuses.  You have time…get your house in order.  

In the last month or so I have had a few folks send me resumes and headshots… and there is always a letter that is your sales pitch…. Mostly…. I ignore those…. as the proof is in the pudding as they say…. But what I have been noticing are folks saying things like they are series regulars on shows (like this is a buzz word) when in fact they have maybe done one episode or they are background (but on every episode of something).  Selling yourself is one thing… overselling yourself just makes you look like a fool.   Don’t misunderstand me… you are your biggest cheerleader… but don’t buzz word me… don’t lie to me…. And don’t try and agent me…I get it… you are building your career that is ok… we all started somewhere.  But if you oversell and someone falls for it… then you can’t deliver… that is no way to start a relationship and even quicker way to end it.

So I know we have talked about saying no…. (Gives you power). And not always saying yes (takes away my power). Here is another word I want you to strike from your vocabulary - Never.    I always laugh when I hear actors say they will NEVER do…… honestly the moment the words I will never come out of you mouth….you will be eating them…. Just be.  Be willing to go with the flow…. I am not saying go against what you believe in… I am just saying don’t go around saying you will never… because inevitable at some point in your life… you will… and chances are there will be a camera there…. 

Here is to an outstanding 2018 - make me proud and go be a rockstar! 


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