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Dear Actor... happy merry everything

Updated: Jan 3, 2023


Dear World...

So 2018 is coming to an end and once again we have exceeded all my expectations..... we booked six series regulars.... (four of those at the end of the year... so you never know about this business). We have a handful of folks doing serious r

ecur roles on some big shows... and all the great folks who are working on TV, film and other words... we are all busy!!! And we love it!

2018 brought on a few new folks to Bohemia.. and it brought us Bohemia Berlin. I can tell you from the bottom of my heart... that this company would not be what it is without all the support we get from the actors and the folks who believe in us...the folks who are on the ride with us.... I personally could not do this without the amazing managers and folks that are a part of Bohemia... Alison Buck, Kat Seigworth, Jerrold Rhee, Aaron Sacks, Andrew Burrill, Kate Rancka, Justin Ross, Adreana Robbins, Autumn Joiner, Naomi Kolstein, Alex Surer, Tom Cook, Samantha Davis, Andras Jones & Carlos Salomon....these are the folks that really make the company tick!

We are about to go into our 27th year (our Saturn return for all you folks who know your astrology... which makes us official adults now....just saying).... and now we are “officially” adults.... we have a lot of great stuff planned for 2019.... just to wet you whistle... we are doing a Bohemia Gun Day in the UK & NY as well as more in LA.... we have more Bohemia days planned (boxing, stunts, fencing & mo-cap to name a few).

And a few more things i have up my sleeve... but.. hey.. i have to keep you all on your toes!!

So have a very happy holiday season.... no matter how you spend it... spend it with love in your heart and with people who matter to you!!

Here is to a kick-ass 2019!!!


Susan Ferris


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