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Dear Actor... keeping your ducks in a row...

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

So one thing that is really important to ME is communication.   I like to know what is going on… we need to keep your calendar (for what I would hope would be obvious reasons).   So if you are going to work on stuff and not tell your reps so that you don’t have to pay them or get them involved - that is not a good relationship…. It is one that is based on being sneaky.   And that just does not work for me.   If you can’t have an open relationship with your rep… you have the wrong rep. if you just don’t want to pay them for things that you may source then why have reps at all.  Don’t waste anyones time!  

Every year it gets crazier and crazier (love that). And there is SO much content it really is great…. and we know there are a lot of self tape auditions this year - more than ever!...but if you have an opportunity to get in the room.... GO IN THE ROOM! if you have an in the room audition the only reason you should NOT be going in the room... you're sick, you have a lot of auditions that day and physically can't get there (we love that one) or you are out of town (which… lets be honest… we should already know that too)!  .. your reps work hard to get you a face to face... so.. show your face!!!  

I was a child actor…. I hear this quite a bit…. I think it is funny…. If you really were a child actor and had great success… or hell even nominal success and you worked for a while then quit to finish being a kid… or go to college…. I get it…. but… if you did a few plays in school…. Then as an adult realized you missed your dream and want to act… that is awesome… but you are not a child actor coming back into the fold….you don’t have to justify why you want to do this…just do it….

ok… so we have gotten that out of the way….if you are a child actor now... and if you are now over 18 and I am still getting notes from your folks about stuff that you want or that you are doing…. And I am also still copying them on everything it is time for you to cut the don’t misunderstand me on this…. I get that your folks have been a big part of your career…. And that you may even want them copied on stuff to keep yourself in check….  (Still feeling it out as a grown up). But… if the only communication I actually have is with your parents and you are over 18…. Time to grow up! You have to start taking responsibility for your own actions…. And that means learning to communicate with your reps.   Technically if you are over 18 I should not be giving info to anyone but you anyways!  

I am classically trained…  - ok… so what? This does not make you a better actor and honestly I think you sound silly saying it… but that is just me….. I am never impressed by things like that and in my opinion (remember - this is just my opinion). It does not put you any further ahead then someone who studied a different school of acting.  It gets thrown around waaaayyyy tooooo much…. also…. Along that same thought…..if you are looking to study acting (and quite honestly if you have graduated from college then you should get yourself into another acting class asap). Then go audit a handful of classes that offer different techniques - find out what gets your juices flowing….you may be surprised what is out there….you need to be in class - all the time.  This is not just about learning to act… this is about continuing to work your muscle.  Some of the biggest actors out there…are still in class…that is how they keep themselves in check.   And remember - just because it cost the most does not mean it is the best and just because it is inexpensive does not mean it is the worst!  It has to be about you…. And what you are going to get the most out of!  most importantly....once you are the best actor in your class... time for you to move on! Sounds crazy.... but if you are the best and have been for a while... you are not getting the work out that you need! 

Money up front...weird to actually say this in 2018....but if an agent or manager is asking for money up front it is a scam...there is never a reason to do this....we make money when you make money period.   I have heard folks say they have had folks who take money to be on their website (really websites are not that expensive and easy to maintain… so NO you should not be paying to be on a reps site… you want to spend your money wisely get yourself up on IMDbpro.  You should have a subscription to this anyway….) or to send out pictures and resumes (again…. What a colossal rip off - 99% of what we do as managers and agents 99%….is digital….so if someone is telling otherwise….consider that a big red flag)!   there is NEVER a reason to give a manager or agent money upfront.   EVER! 

And finally this month… I hate to break it to you…. but…...You are not the exception to the rule.  Sorry...but the sooner you realize that the better off we are all going to be.   Don’t misunderstand...there are exceptions to the rule....they don’t happen very often and it is usually a great story when it does....but if everyone was the exeception ( get it). I know you think you are special....I think you are special!!!! The rest of the world not so much.   So just do the work...don’t try and take any hard...and look at all the little goals you achieve as mini successes!  Now… go be a rock star! 


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