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Dear know i love you..but

If I am spending my time convincing you to go to an audition then why are you an actor? (or my client for that matter) 

If i have to tell you a hundred plus times you need new photos because the ones we have from 2 years ago need to be updated…..and you don’t….. then don’t ask me why no one wants to see you….  

If you are asking me to get feedback on everything you go out on…. then get into a good scene study class so you can get your accolades there….. I expect you to be fantastic every time you go into a room…..(trust me if you sucked that bad the casting office is going to call me and ask what the hell i was thinking sending you in) and…. if you get a callback (or book it)…. well there is your feedback…!

If you sign with an agent (or a manager) and nothing happens in the first month or so….relax.  if you are looking to make a change every time you feel a lull get the hell out of the biz.   I get it that the only control you have in this crazy business is your rep….  but let your rep actually try and work for you….. and a month or two is not enough time.   

If a manager is giving you a list of things to do and you don’t want to do them - you are with  the wrong manager…(or agent)  I tell everyone…. we are going to disagree….but if we are disagree over 50% of the time…..  we are not on the same page…..and clearly not right for each other…. 

If you are sending emails to your reps letting us know what your OMG favorite show is……  (and maybe it’s the hottest show on TV now…)  and you would do ANYTHING to get on it… (but then get irritated when you don’t get on it….)  my suggestion is a reality check.  I know you want to go on the hottest show (i want you to be on the hottest show)… and here is something weird…. so does every other actor out there…. 

If you are not watching everything at least once then as far as i am concerned you are not doing your homework.  you don’t  have to like it… but you should know what is on…. (and you really should know what people are watching) 

If you are not reading Deadline or The Wrap or Variety and keeping up with what is going on in your business then you are 2 steps behind…. this is part of your job.  (and i don’t care where you live!) 

If you leave your agent or manager on a bit of a sour note…. be smart… negotiate your exit…. none of us are ogres…..and most of us are pretty reasonable…. don’t burn the bridge if you don’t have to… you don’t know when you will see us again…. (or need us again) 

If you send an email to your manager (or agent) and don’t hear back - and it’s super important… PICK UP THE PHONE…. i know it’s so 1995….but sometimes shit falls through cracks…. and if you need something call us.

If something happened to you in February and you are still harboring it in October…..and now you are ready to just leave your rep…. then you are doing no one any justice…..(not you… not the rep…)  deal with things as they happen….. life is to short to harbor anything….

If you are not honing other skills between acting jobs then you are not doing yourself or your reps any favors.  Learn a new skill… learn how to speak a language… get better at something you already know how to do…. its the thing that sets you apart from the crowd!! 

ok… now go be a rockstar!!!   #whateveryactorshouldknow


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