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happy 25th to Bohemia!

So as most of you know 2017 is Bohemia's 25th year....( just flew by!) And we will be doing some very cool things throughout the year (we are plotting some fun stuff for sure!!) BUT today... yes TODAY... is actually Bohemia's birthday, it was 25 years ago today I left (ok... i got fired) my job with Slayer.... walked out... and started my own management company..... now... here we are 25 years later.... a few things are different.... i drive a better car....i actually own a better cell phone (uh.. instead of the brick i use to have) and lets be honest... my hair looks better too. some things are very similar .... i still dress pretty relaxed (sometimes long shorts and hoodies are the only thing to wear) my musical tastes are still all over the place... and i still know all the cool people (even if my sway with the clubs is not what it was in 92).... 

Over the last 25 years we have had some amazing people come and go. We have had some great highs and some low lows....All of which gives us great character..... we are worldwide.... have an amazing team of managers and producers.... and the greatest clients! 

A lot has changed in the business over the last 25 years (hello.... emails and digital breakdowns did not exist) We depended on messengers and mail (holy crap!) the business is always evolving and it is exciting to see what the next year has in store. 

So.... happy 25th birthday Bohemia (you look fabulous!) - looking forward to the next 25!!


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