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dear actor...

some things to think about...

Sunset + Vine

Dear actors you know I love you…but…..some things for you to think about.

  1.  know your type.   And when I say know you type….i mean be honest with yourself…embrace who you are.   Having trouble figuring it out……ask your manager…..and be ok with the answer….it’s probably one of the things that has held you back.

  2. know that everyone will put you in a box…..a good manager will not – we will take advantage of the box you are in….while helping you think creatively outside the box!

  3. be honest about what you will not do.   If you really won’t do nudity that is ok…..if you have a problem with stereotypes and you are not comfortable playing it….that is ok….just make sure you tell us this before we start putting you out there…’s when you come to us at the callback or booking stage and say you are not comfortable doing something when we have issues.   (trust me….we all have our boundaries!) 

  4. be flexible. Until you are fielding offers left and right you don’t have any control (and lets be honest….you don’t have it then either!) 

  5. be prepared. Learn your material, ask questions.   If you come in to coach and you are looking at the material for the first time (when you got it the night before) then you are letting me know that you don’t care or have any respect for what you do. 

  6. make sure your tools are up to date….if you have pictures that you have been using for the past 3-5 years (well….because you really don’t look that different right?) and a reel that is even older…..then I am not sure what you expect…..everything is digital….it is not that hard or expensive anymore. 

  7. if the words “I can’t go to that audition because I will miss my acting class” come out of your mouth…then you are in the wrong class


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